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Thank you for considering J. Timothy’s Taverne for your private event! If you haven’t already done so, you can review our menus here and details of our private rooms here. To help with your planning, we’re providing this brief checklist of things to consider for your event.

It is divided into two (2) sections: 1) PRE-BOOKING and 2) POST-BOOKING. This is, of course, dependent upon the type of event. A baby shower is much different than a corporate sales event, but all private events do have some similarities. Most importantly: we have 40 plus years of experience helping our guests with all kinds of events.

We hope this is somewhat helpful. Don’t hesitate to call us at (860) 747-6813 with any questions.



  • Weekday or weekend? (weekends are booked well in advance, make this decision first)
  • Morning, afternoon or evening?
  • Identify possible backup dates.
  • Holiday (December) bookings start early, so advance planning is critical.


  • How many will be invited, approximately?
  • Will you require RSVPs?
  • Will children be invited? (Good to know for planning meals; kids’ meals options are available)
  • Can all of your guests manage a flight of stairs or do you need a room with accessibility?


  • Have you established an approximate budget for your event?
  • For budget considerations, the price we’ve quoted you is the FINAL price (unless you are running a bar tab based on consumption. Then, tax and service charge will be added). For everything except a bar tab, there are no add-ons. Service and tax are included!


  • Are you considering a casual, social atmosphere or more of a sit-down lunch/dinner?
  • Variety of heavy appetizer/hors d’ouevres or buffet? Pre-chosen, plated, served entrees?
  • Vegetarian options?
  • If sit-down meal, pre-meal appetizers?
  • The type of food, the service environment, and the budget are the most important items to consider in advance.
  • Generally, the menu/food is the largest part of the budget.


  • Do you want alcoholic beverages available?
  • Bar tab based on consumption (you pay) or cash bar (guests pay) or limited bar tab (as examples: beer and wine only, or drink tickets are given to guests for a certain number of drinks. We will also run a tab to a specific budget amount.)?


  • Audio-visual equipment needed, e.g. microphone, projector, sound system?
  • Dessert? We can provide or you can bring in your own dessert, no extra charge.
  • Decorations? (Please note: we cannot allow confetti or anything with glitter. Candles with flames can be used if the candle holder is large and the flame is encased.)



  • Thanks for booking your event at J. Timothy’s. We will make it wonderful for you and your guests!
  • Once your booking is confirmed we will require a deposit to hold the room within two weeks. This deposit will be deducted from your final bill.


  • Finalize your guest list.
  • Send a save-the-date if necessary and/or send the invitations.
  • Determine RSVP date (consider there may be late replies).
  • We will ask for a tentative headcount 2 weeks in advance and a final headcount 48 hours in advance. Most places require 7 days, we can handle 2 days.
  • If you selected the pre-chosen, plated meal option, include meal choices with invitations.
  • Do any guests have dietary restrictions? We can easily accommodate special requests if they are requested in advance.
  • If it’s a surprise party, you may want to ask your guests to park farthest from the entrance so the guest of honor does not recognize cars in the parking lot (make sure it’s a surprise!)


  • For buffet or hors d’oeuvres parties, please make your menu selections at least 10 days in advance.
  • For plated meals, selections should be made well in advance (perhaps a month?) so your guests can choose, respond to your invitation, and then you can record the number/type of meals chosen. If possible, provide meal selection cards (they don’t need to be fancy) on the day of the event so our service staff can efficiently match each guest with their chosen meal.
  • Please let us know in advance of any dietary restrictions.
  • If you’ve ordered a cake or other dessert, please ask the bakery/vendor to clearly identify it when delivering. We do not charge a fee for cutting or plating the caking.


  • We have large variety of drinks; cocktails, beer, and wine. Please let us know in advance if you have any special requests.
  • If it’s a special occasion, do you want a champagne toast? (included with the shower packages)


  • Create a general timeline for the event; when guests will arrive, cocktail hour length – if any – food service schedule, etc. If any speeches or presentations will be made, consider the timing.


  • If you will be decorating the room, e.g. flowers, balloons, centerpieces, we can receive these in advance if pre-arranged.
  • We cannot accommodate confetti, glitter, or open flame candles as decorations. Sorry. Candles with a flame can be used if housed inside a larger container.


  • We have a projector, screen, and easels available free of charge. In the Gathering Room we have a wireless sound system and a wireless handheld microphone available. We do not provide a computer to play slideshows.
  • If it’s a surprise party, we can make a “fake” reservation for you and the guest of honor so you can pretend you’re eating in the restaurant as a ruse for the guest of honor. Let us know in advance, we are very good at making sure it’s a surprise!
  • For corporate events we can re-configure the rooms easily.
  • You should always consider our dirt wings for your private event. We’re kind of known for them and your guests will certainly enjoy the best wings in Connecticut!

This is a simple list of things to consider. We are happy to provide suggestions and advice as we have over 40 years of event planning experience. Again, thank you for considering J. Timothy’s Taverne for your private event!

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