Closed Mondays. Open at 11:30am Tuesday-Sunday. If on a phone, click MORE below for closing times. Reservations for groups of 6-12 only.

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WE ARE FULLY BOOKED FOR TAKEOUT ON SUPER BOWL WEEKEND, FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. We are unable to take any more takeout orders for this weekend. Thank you.

UPDATE Tuesday, 2/8: Super Bowl Sunday and Saturday, 2/12 are fully booked for takeout, we are unable to accept any more orders for Saturday and Sunday. We still have a few pickup slots available on Friday afternoon for our Cold Wing Pack, see below for info.

Wings for the Super Bowl must be pre-ordered. For the past 6 years, we’ve been fully booked for takeout in advance that entire weekend, Friday through Sunday. On Friday and Saturday you can pick-up our Cold Wing Pack for reheating at home. Pre-orders are ONLY taken by phone, so please call us at 860-747-6813 to place your order.

Takeout Options for Super Bowl Weekend – What’s listed below are the ONLY items available for takeout the entire weekend.

Wings: Bucket of wings (35-40) are the only size available to-go for the entire weekend. And on Friday & Saturday, our Cold Wing Pack will be the only option available. The Cold Wing Pack is perfect for reheating at home on Sunday. The wings are cooked through, then chilled, with the sauce on the side. Super easy and quick to reheat right before or during the game. Instructions are on the lid of the bucket. See the video below for our Cold Wing Pack right out of the oven. For Sunday pick-ups you have a choice of hot wings in the bucket or the Cold Wing Pack bucket. $53.60 plus tax

In addition to buckets of wings we’ll have these items available to-go:

Tailgate Pretzel: Gigantic salted pretzel with Cheddar & Ale soup and honey mustard. Packaged cold for re-heating at home.$14.25 plus tax

Nacho Kit: Tortilla Chips, Shredded Cheese Mix, Salsa, Sour Cream, Jalapenos. Packaged cold for heating and assembly at home.$16.95 plus tax

THE GUACAMOLE KIT IS SOLD OUT Guacamole Kit: Make your own Guac, fresh! Avocados, lime, onion, jalapenos, spices. Packaged in a nice box to make at home, recipe card included. Serves 2-4 people. $9.50 plus tax


Monday: Closed

Tuesday & Wednesdays phones are staffed starting at 2:00pm. Restaurant opens at 4:00pm

Thursday-Sunday phones are staffed starting at 9:30am. Restaurant opens at 11:30am.

On Super Bowl Sunday we will close at 6:00pm.

Thank you!

Cold Wing Pack right out of the oven:

Cold Wing Pack